Principia is not your average high street managing agent, nor is it a nationwide property services company reliant on call centres. Principia is and will remain a property management firm of distinction – a firm of the right size and shape to deliver quality and quantity to its international clientele.

A competent, professional managing agent will work collaboratively with its clients, helping to ensure compliance, providing the necessary resources at busy times, demonstrating technical expertise, achieving value for money, offering first class customer service. At Principia, this is taken as read. We realise, in addition, that we are managing our clients’ homes and their investments therefore our role inevitably contains an asset management function. Everything else remaining equal, the value of your home/investment will increase more if your block of flats is well managed, is structurally sound, well decorated, attractive, cared for, well funded and so forth. Ensuring that clients maximise capital gains and rental income is very much on our agenda and comes naturally to our property managers. Being part of a group which includes both sales and lettings functions, means an estate agent’s keen eye for maintaining and enhancing values is often made the most of. Principia will:

  • Manage your property to an impeccable standard
  • Help you to maximise the value of your investment
  • Guide you effortlessly through processes and procedures
  • Take the pain out of your property portfolio
  • Give you back your precious time.
Please contact us to see how we can help you.

"I have been impressed with Principia's professional service, quick response time and the experienced staff who have dealt with matters ranging from the day-to-day management, to major external works, licences to alter, and enfranchisement."

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