Principia offers a full property management service to 99% of our clients, who prefer to let us take the strain. Our full service means just that – managing your building in accordance with your leases; setting service charge budgets; requesting and collecting service charges; collection and onward payment of ground rent; property inspections; arranging day-to-day repairs and maintenance; organising maintenance contracts for your lifts, communal boilers, entryphone, access control, water hygiene; agreeing utilities (gas, electricity, water, telephone) contracts; managing and appraising your on-site staff (e.g. porters) and dealing with their payroll and annual leave; preparing for major works projects; ensuring compliance with various health & safety legislation; dealing with your company secretarial requirements including the hosting of Board meetings and AGMs; accounting for your service charges monies throughout the year and at year end; engaging credit control action when leaseholders do not pay their services; instruction of experts such as accountants, solicitors, surveyors, engineers, interior designers; retention of all documentation regarding your property; arranging the insurances for your building, its plant, the company and its directors – and processing any claims arising; dealing with licences to alter, subletting and assignment; dealing with pre-contract (solicitors) enquiries.

A managing agent’s role is very busy, is both reactive and proactive in nature and requires collaboration with and cooperation from a great number of partners, including members of on-site staff, contractors and leasehold experts.

Each of our clients is unique and treated as such, therefore our services can be tailored to your exact requirements. If you would like to explore options regarding the provision of certain services but not others, please complete the form below and we will explore the options together.

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